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Jason Wilkins is a woodturner based in Cardigan, he is also the founder of the Forge.


Working with a wide variety of ethically sourced local woods, including oak, holly and cherry-plum. His workshop is located within the Forge itself so visitors will be able to see him at work.


His work is first green turned then kiln dried, this ensures the bowls and hollow forms that he creates are fully dry and are less likely to split when they take their final shape. 


Jason makes bowls and hollow forms of every size and shape so there is something for everyone! there are also painted bowls available, these are done with chalk based paint that gives a beautifully rich colour.


Jason is now offering woodturning classes in the forge, great for those just starting out or just wanting to try something new. If you wish to know more or to book a session please contact us via email.

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