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The jewellery I create is completely unique, inspired by emotion, nature and the wabi-sabi aesthetics of art and craft from Japan, I create one off pieces that are all different and made to be worn & evolve. I love making beautiful things out of hard. flat, boring materials that are usually considered ugly. I don't make to sell, Im an artist, I make because I love to create, I have to create, Im driven by stubbornness. Im a very visual person & having suffered a stroke in my 30's my vision is on borrowed time, so Im making things while I can still see & can. I paint, I make jewellery, I write and I make music, as therapy and as an outlet for stress & anxiety.

With beauty in simplicity in mind each piece evolves into its own being over time.... nothing is rushed.....nothing is repeated. Pieces are finished when I feel they are complete, beautiful, not when they are without blemish or character, a flaw or imperfection adds to its beauty, its uniqueness. Perfection & repetition is uninteresting.

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