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Meadow & Moth

Alessandra is a jewellery maker who works with polymer clay. She is endlessly inspired by the delicate beauty of insects and other flying creatures. She makes jewellery for people who want to add some of the many colours of nature to their aesthetic. 


“I've always had a strong connection to the natural world and all the unique and wonderful creatures that inhabit it (I have my childhood in the Welsh countryside to thank for that). All of my moths and butterflies are based on real ones that can be found in forests and hedgerows, such as many a moth-lovers favourite; the garden tiger. I love doing what I do as it allows me to be both creative and inquisitive, learning about each creature I make. I also wanted to spread awareness and appreciation for these beautiful little beings that are sadly diminishing due to our treatment of the environment.”


The process Alessandra uses when making her pieces is called the 'canning' method.
It is similar to the way rock candy is made - a design is created on a larger scale, then stretched and sliced. This makes the final product much smaller, but still keeps all of its detail.

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