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StoneArt Madi creates vivid Rock´s that brighten up your home and your heart. Hi everyone! I collect pebbles at the beach and paint them professionally with vivid colours and patterns for all sorts of occasions.

All stones are hand painted and therefore unique! I use acrylic paints on natural beach stones with a clear varnish cover as protection. The art you buy is painted lovingly with great focus to details. In order to create my art I use the back of a pencil for all dotted pebbles and a thin brush for further details.

All pebbles make nice home décor, but can be placed outside as well, since they are water resistant (choose a sheltered spot for a longer life span). Larger stones I´d put next to flower pots by the door, as they radiate warmth and create a bright entry. Other stones I´d put on shelfs, or window sills for everyone to see. Mandala stones are really nice for meditation. Just hold them and study their details and texture whilst your mind comes to rest. Small pebbles make great gifts, lucky charms or little giveaways.

Some lovely people said that “the stone´s vivid colours are absolutely stunning and enjoyable for the eye…” and that “holding them feels surprisingly satisfying” since their weight and texture is heavy and rich, like a real beach stone.

You may also want to know that I personalise pebbles for you! Choose for your own idea to be put on a pebble (All occasions: name tags, birthday wishes, mother´s day, star signs…)

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