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My name is Georgina Evans and I have spent my life living in west wales. For many years I worked as a photographer for a local company. I decided to pursue other interests and eventually uncovered my love for fibre art. I have always been creative, but I cannot draw. I have always had a passion for different fibres and was over the moon when I discovered macrame which later led to weaving, macrame weaving and I am currently learning to embroider and then the beginnings of 'Lots of Knots Wales' formed. I now supply shops and sell online.

I find it all so therapeutic. It's quite often I will plan a design and then go a completely different direction during the making process. I never quite had a particular style though I have noticed that I'm drawn to nature in my work, in particular flowers. Personally, I find that macrame offers a more natural, sustainable decor to the home. Please enjoy browsing my current items for sale.

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